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[7's/14's/28's] 5000mg Collagen with MCT Oil, Sachet Boxes

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  • ✔️ Firmer & Glowing skin
    ✔️ Relieve Joint Pains & Movement
    ✔️ Stronger Hair and Nails Health
    ✔️ Better Fat Metabolism & Weight Management
    ✔️ Quick Source of Clean Energy

    KEYYES 5000mg Collagen with MCT Oil is the ultimate powerhouse for achieving optimal health and vitality. With a potent 5000mg of collagen per serving, it provides the perfect collagen boost to heal and repair joint connectivity, while enhancing skin elasticity and radiance. Elevate your health, rejuvenate your joints, and glow from within today.


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Why is Collagen Important?

Collagen makes up 75%-80% of our skin, therefore a powerful supplement that can directly support our skin, bone, tendons and muscle structures.

As we age, our body naturally produce less of this protein. This contributes to the breakdown of tissues — which results in what we like to call "SIGNS OF AGEING", such as forming of fine lines on our skin or muscle sores that linger after a workout.

Multiple research studies has shown that introducing collagen into our daily diet have shown to have significant improvements to our skin, joint and hair health!


Best Collagen Blend in the Market!

We combined 2 of the most bioavailable forms of healthy functional fats and protein peptides in one product.

Premium Marine Collagen Peptides helps support our body in building firmer and supple skin, as well as strong joints and bones.

MCT Oils are pure essence extracted from coconut oil. It supports weight managementby using fat as a source of energy. And has shown slight improvements in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) in our bloodstream.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sachet outer box packaging.

Easy to carry when u r on the move. Taste great, effective - alot of improvement on my cracked heels. Need to improve on the outer box quality which arrived dent

Haryati Tay

This my 3rd week of consuming the collagen. I notice my tummy getting more bloated and my weight does not go down instead weight go up. Despite been eating less and hardly get hungry.

7's/14's/28's] 5000mg Collagen with MCT Oil

This vanilla collagen has a nice smell. However I experienced bloatedness, felt a tight uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and below the ribs. When I stopped taking the collagen, my appetite increased so much. This experience was super strange and abnormal. I felt scared to continue taking it as this may affect my kidneys.

Great taste!

Great taste when mixed with smoothie or coffee, so decided to buy the 3 + 1 months supply! Hopefully it’ll help in supporting my health and beauty in the long term.

7’s sachet box